Why You Need Social Media to Sell Your Home

Wednesday July 15, 2020

Why You Need Social Media to Sell Your Home
Why You Need Social Media to Sell Your Home

Nowadays, it seems like success in any industry is impossible without a solid digital marketing strategy. Such a strategy is dependent on the quality of your social media footprint. This goes for the competitive real estate market and certainly for selling your home.

The majority of people seeking a home (and by majority we mean 80-90%) start with the internet. Social media can get your home discovered on this commonly used platform and convince buyers that your home is the one they’re looking for.

Here are some ways in which social media can result in a sale:

It builds a trusting relationship. Why do you think major brands pay top dollar for marketing campaigns? Of course, they want to establish a relationship with their customers. But more importantly, such marketing can build trust with consumers.

The brand you present and the story you tell through social media can go a long way in getting your consumer to see your credibility. Think about it: do you trust a brand that posts every day, engages with its audience, and sends regular business updates? Or do you trust the one with 1 post and very little followers?

It reaches more people and generates leads. You may already be familiar with the interconnectivity of platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Posts on these expand out into your whole social web and their social webs. Sharing, messaging, and posting on timelines optimize exposure.

But what you probably haven’t thought of is how search engines interact with these platforms. The more views you get on social media tell Google to give you more authority in search engine results pages. So whether your acquaintance sees your post on your mutual friends’ timeline, or whether someone Googles homes in their price range and comes upon your listing, social media is a huge contributor.

It incorporates graphics and videos. Do not underestimate the power of visuals like quality photography and videography. They can really captivate your audience and show how serious a seller you are. Let’s be honest, who googles a home and wants to see a bunch of verbiage describing it? People are looking for stunning visuals, and you can deliver these on the front cover of your social media platform for all to see.

It uses hashtags. Hashtags are more than a cutesy and gratuitous tack-on at the end of a post: they get you even more exposure. Hashtags allow you to be discovered within mini-forums on social media. For instance, if you add #homeforsale to the end of your post, someone looking for a home for sale can search this hashtag and find your post. This is just one of the ways connections are made on social media.

Bottom line, social media is not only beneficial but crucial to marketing your home. You must make sure to find a realtor with digital marketing skills and create a campaign with them.

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