The Best Korean BBQ In Las Vegas

The Best Korean BBQ In Las Vegas

Join us on a culinary journey to experience the sizzling grills and mouthwatering marinades that make Korean BBQ delicious. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer, Las Vegas has a restaurant you'll love when it comes to Korean bbq. Let's dive into the world of the best Korean BBQ in Las Vegas!

8oz Korean Steakhouse and Bar

8oz Korean BBQ in Las Vegas invites diners to enjoy authentic dishes that take you through the vibrant flavors of Korea. Located just off the heart of the Las Vegas strip, this restaurant offers a modern and inviting atmosphere that you'll love. As you enter, the aroma of sizzling meat and savory spices fills the air.

The menu boasts an array of premium cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, expertly prepared and grilled to perfection at your table. And, as per the usual at Korean bbq, you'll be provided with 반찬, or Ban Chan, which is an assortment of traditional side dishes including fish cakes, kimchi, and more. We recommend adding a steamed egg and corn cheese sides to add to the side dish experience.

The knowledgeable and attentive staff is always on hand to help you grill. With its dedication to quality ingredients and authentic cooking techniques, 8oz Korean BBQ stands as a premier destination for those craving Korean barbecue.

As far as Korean barbecue restaurants in Las Vegas, this made it as the top on our list for exceptional service, authenticity of the dishes, and vibe-y atmosphere. Plus, if you're hungry later in the day they have a late night schedule so you can have your kbbq fix even in late evening hours. However, the only downside is that it is one of the most expensive on our list.

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Goong Korean BBQ

A local favorite, this Korean bbq spot is far off Las Vegas Blvd, located in Summerlin on Rainbow Blvd, this location offers ample options for both all you can eat and la carte menu options. Not to mention, Goong has late night hours.

As is tradition with all Korean bbq restaurants you're in for a huge meal that includes appetizers, or, Ban Chan. Our favorite side of this Korean bbq spot is their salad with sesame seed dressing and pretty much all of their noodle dishes including 잡채, which is glass noodles marinated with an assortment of finely chopped vegetables. A staple of Korean cuisine!

The cuts of meats from Goong range from premium to standard. If you're looking for pork belly, beef belly, steak, short rib, or pork they have top tier options for you to pick from depending on how much you are looking to spend on dinner for your night out. Having an extensive menu means you can enjoy an extravagant dining experience or an affordable night out.

Try taking a seat in their traditional seating section! Slip off your shoes and sit in style.

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Hobak Korean BBQ

Did you know that in Korean 호박 Hobak means pumpkin? Located on Spring Mountain rd, Hobak Korean BBQ stands out as a popular favorite that's often difficult to get reservations into. For this all you can eat spot you'll need to call to get a reservation.

The menu boasts an impressive array of premium cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, perfectly marinated and ready to be cooked to your preference including an ayce option. For those of you who eat Korean food often, we know you'll love this restaurant on our list.

From classic favorites like bulgogi and galbi to adventurous choices like spicy pork belly, spicy squid, and spicy chicken, there's something to satisfy every palate. But it's not just about the meats – Hobak also offers a wide range of side dishes ensuring a well-rounded and authentic Korean dining experience. Don't for get a steamed egg and kimchi fried rice!

With its cozy yet modern atmosphere and top-notch service, Hobak Korean BBQ is a must-visit destination for anyone craving an exquisite taste of Korean cuisine in Las Vegas.

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Biwon Korean BBQ And Sushi

Ready for all you can eat Korean bbq? We are! Check out Biwon Korean bbq if you're ready to eat our favorite meat and seafood in one location. If you're looking for a dining experience that includes seafood, this is the spot on the list for you. They have more seafood dishes on their menu than the other options previously listed. The Korean bbq menu and the sushi menu are separate meaning you can curate your food options -- whether you want to eat Korean food or sushi, they've got your back. The Korean bbq menu has both la carte options or all you can eat.

Located on the south side of Las Vegas, it's close to the iconic strip but also not located directly on it so if you're a local it's easy to get to without the headache of strip traffic but if you're traveling it's a short Uber ride from the strip.

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Best Friend Korean BBQ

As far as Korean restaurants in Las Vegas go Best Friends is an especially unique Korean BBQ joint. Why? Because it's not your traditional table-top grill and ban chan serving. It's also located on Las Vegas Blvd directly on the Las Vegas strip in Park MGM. Because of this restaurant's unique concept there are a few things you should know.

The menu at Best Friend does not offer an option for you to cook your own meat. Everything comes prepared by the talented chef's in the kitchen. The food is still Korean but doesn't not offer the same as what we have already previously listed. Think western take out food fused with traditional Korean bbq flavors. We recommend the Yuzu Shrimp, BBQ Scallops, and fried dumplings to tantalize your taste buds.

Moreover, Best Friend is the most vibe-y on our list. The atmosphere screams 'Sin City' with unique decor and ambiance you'll love spending your time here listening to the DJ spin tunes and watching the bar tender craft cocktails.

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Master Kim's Korean BBQ

A basic choice if you're a local to Sin City and up for some Korean bbq without wanting to spend a lot of money, get a reservation, or cook Korean bbq at home. Of the locations on this list it's the only chain meaning if you're in Summerlin, Henderson, or Las Vegas proper you can find one for a quick dinner bite.

This option offers all the basics: all you can eat, side dishes, and good cuts of meat.

Don't forget to end your meal with rice pop ice cream! Melona bars are the perfect end of meal treat! {Psst. Original flavor is the best!}

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