Halloween Activities In Las Vegas

Halloween Activities In Las Vegas

Spooky Las Vegas Haunts You Have To Try

Halloween in Las Vegas comes alive with a dynamic and opulent celebration, proving that even in the midst of the desert, the spooky spirit of the season thrives. From chilling haunted houses to themed Halloween events, the entertainment options are endless.

Below, you will discover a list of ideas to make the most of your Halloween weekend!

Haunted Attractions

Escape Blair Witch - Escape Blair Witch is an exhilarating escape room experience that transports you into the sinister world of the Blair Witch. Play in the heart of a chilling forest, where you navigate a series of puzzles and unravel the creepy secrets hidden within the cursed woods.

For those seeking a thrilling adventure and a dose of horror, Escape Blair Witch offers an unforgettable and spine-tingling encounter that keeps you on edge. Do you have what it takes to survive this Sin City horror?

To learn more about Escape Blair Witch visit: https://escapeblairwitch.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9NXLptT7gQMVftEWBR2QXwNtEAAYASAAEgL6KvD_BwE

Gilcrease Pumpkin Patch & Orchard - Located in the Las Vegas area, this orchard is fall fun for the whole family. Pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables, including the perfect pumpkin for the front porch on Halloween night. The orchard's apple cider is a seasonal staple and adds a taste of fall's sweetness. Though this spot is a little out of the way, it's worth it to grab a fresh doughnut, sip apple cider with the family, and find the perfect pumpkin at this haunted harvest.

To learn more about Gilcrease Orchard visit: https://thegilcreaseorchard.org/

Lost Spirits Distillery - The Lost Spirits Distillery in Las Vegas is a spooky destination for spirits enthusiasts (the kind you drink, not the kind that haunts!). Located inside Area 15, this distillery offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is a perfect fit for the Halloween season.

You are guided through a captivating narrative that brings the history and magic of spirits to life. From the innovative distillation processes to the carefully curated tasting sessions, the Lost Spirits Distillery is not just a distillery, it's an experience.

To learn more about Lost Spirits Distillery visit: https://www.lostspirits.net/

The Séance Room - You're invited to a séance. Reminiscent of the rocky horror picture show, this magical night will leave you in awe and wonder. Set within a dimly lit, mysterious ambiance, this show transports audiences into a world where mediums communicate with the spirits of the past with skilled performers only feet away. This spooky setting is a unique option for spending Halloween in Las Vegas.

To learn more about The Seance Room visit: https://www.seancelv.com/

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum from Ghost Adventures - Not for the faint of heart, this museum contains haunted artifacts from all over the world. Founded by Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator and host of the "Ghost Adventures" series, the museum is a unique showcase of macabre artifacts and haunted items with intriguing backstories. The guided tour lasts over two hours, making it worthwhile to attend. And if this haunted museum won't put you in the holiday spirit, what will!?

To book your tour visit: https://thehauntedmuseum.com/

Zombie Paintball - Zombie paintball is an adrenaline-pumping and thrilling recreational activity that combines the excitement of paintball with the eerie, post-apocalyptic world of zombies for ghoulish fun. Arm yourself with paintball guns and navigate a carefully designed course infested with "zombies," portrayed by actors.

The experience immerses players in a suspenseful, cinematic atmosphere where teamwork, strategy, and quick reflexes are crucial for success.

To learn more about Zombie paintball visit: https://www.plazahotelcasino.com/entertainment/zombie-paintball/

Haunted Houses

Factory Las Vegas - This hair-raising haunted attraction is a carefully crafted labyrinth of terror, designed to test the bravest souls and send shivers down the spines of even the most fearless thrill-seekers. This chilling experience includes the Museum of Monsters, Zombie Escape Maze, and Zombie Axe Kingdom.

To learn more about Factory Las Vegas visit: https://fearfactorylv.com/#HauntHalloweenDeals

Fright Nightmare Manor - This Victorian residence is calling to you, you have what it takes to go check it out? Ever played with a Ouija Board or say "Bloody Mary" in a dark room in front of a mirror? Well this crimson manor welcomes you with open arms for these and other fun games. Oh, and are you scared of clowns? Because they also have a clown invasion.

To learn more visit: https://vegasfrightnights.com/

Gates of Hell - This haunted house is for those who want a thrill that goes beyond the normal boo jump scare. It's a R Rated Haunted House meaning the actors of the haunted tours can touch you and make contact. The haunt often changes it's themes so that you're always kept guessing and no one scare will be predictable.

To learn more visit: https://www.haunting.net/experiences/trilogy-of-terror/

Asylum & Hotel Fear - In a year of astounding renovations, the Asylum was rebuilt from the ground up, intertwining its storyline with the Hotel Fear. These haunts have earned their reputation as the scariest in Las Vegas. Moreover, the Hotel and Asylum served as the eerie backdrop for the independent RUST trilogy films, allowing visitors to walk the very sets that brought the movies to life. These Las Vegas haunts features characters from the RUST trilogy films that are bound to leave you terrified.

To purchases tickets visit: https://www.lasvegashaunts.com/attractions/

Haunted Maze - Don't say we didn't warn you! Get lost, {literally} in a maze of spooky fun at this haunted attraction. Here, they measure success on how scared you are as you run through the maddening labyrinth of corn.

Las Vegas Halloween Events

The Magician's Study - Known as the most exclusive magician in Las Vegas, The Magician's Study is an intimate affair that's by invite only (Adding to the exclusivity, right?). So where is this place? Well, it changes all the time. No one specific venue so you're always kept guessing. How do you get tickets? Easy. What's the password? See if you can nab your spot to this event here: https://www.themagiciansstudy.com/ This Halloween weekend you want want to miss the Magician's exclusive Soiree.

Virgin Hotels Fantasy Halloween Ball - Looking for an epic Las Vegas party? Look no further than the Sin City Halloween Ball at Virgin Hotels! Costume contest, dancing, live entertainment and more await. Las Vegas is known for throwing a party that drips of energetic vibes and glamour. If that's your style then this is the Halloween event for you.

To purchase tickets visit: https://virginhotelslv.com/event/sin-city-halloween-ball/

Freemont Street Experience - If you're looking for some low-key spooks then Freemont street might be the spot for you. Not only is it free to wander down the light-studded boulevard but there are dancing zombies, live music, and more wandering the street with you to make for a truly odd yet enthralling experience.

Las Vegas Strip Haunted Spots

Mob Museum - The Mob Museum in downtown offers a compelling exploration of organized crime's history and impact in America and specifically Las Vegas. Housed in a former courthouse, it showcases notorious gangsters, law enforcement efforts, and the societal influence of the mafia. Through interactive exhibits and authentic artifacts, visitors uncover the shadows of the criminal underworld.

Devil's Mansion - La Palazza Mansion, known as "The Devil's Mansion," was once owned by notorious mob enforcer Tony "The Ant" Spilotro. Infamous for its dark history and rumored gruesome murders, the mansion is said to house lingering spirits that have harassed past owners. Thought this is a haunted Las Vegas location, it's a private residence with no tours.

Luxor Hotel - The Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is famous for alleged hauntings, with reports of unexplained footsteps, voices, and flickering lights. The pyramid-like design and artifacts housed within contribute to its mystery, striking the curiosity of those seeking a glimpse into the supernatural.

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