Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian interior design, originating in 19th-century France and inspired by free-spirited nomadic artists valuing creativity over possessions, embodies a style that is all about relaxation and artistic expression. A fusion of textures, and colors, perfect for those seeking a laid-back, eclectic, and cozy atmosphere. Plush textiles like Moroccan rugs, layered with natural elements such as wood and plants, create a snug and inviting space. Eclecticism is the epitome of this style, allowing for a mix of looks, eras, and personal mementos, generating an artsy and personalized ambiance enriched with vibrant hues. This is what the bohemian decoration style is all about.

The Bohemian palette is vibrant and varied, incorporating jewel tones, earthy shades, and bold colors to infuse energy and life into the setting. The design encourages showcasing personal treasures and travel finds, telling a unique story and adding a worldly touch. Ultimately, bohemian interiors invite creativity, enabling you to craft a space that mirrors your personality—a haven where relaxation and artistic spirit converge, giving you the freedom to let your imagination roam freely.


Elements of Bohemian Style

Boho Decor Color Pallet

When it comes to bohemian style, flexibility reigns supreme. Often including warm, earthy tones, shimmering metallics, and strong jewel hues. Think of rich base earth tones like deep browns, greens, and grays, and then enhance with pops of bright colors like purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. The true charm of this style lies in the artful interplay and layering of these vibrant colors.

Don't be scared of combining textures in addition to colors to show off your free spirit. After all, that's what boho spaces are all about! Having fun with interior design and adding unique pops of your own personality. Incorporate dyed textiles and eclectic patterns from across the globe—such as Cambodian ikat or Central Asian suzani—maybe in the form of colorful pillows or woven rugs.

If the abundance of color feels a tad overwhelming, remember that while saturated hues are vital, strategic use of white as a backdrop can introduce balance and allow the bolder tones to shine. Use white strategically to offer a touch of visual spaciousness amidst the lively palette.


Local Artisans

Local artisans are the lifeblood of boho decor, infusing it with authenticity and a distinct artistic flair. Their handmade creations, such as handwoven textiles, pottery, and unique handicrafts, add a sense of cultural richness and diversity to the bohemian design style. These artisans often draw from their heritage, incorporating traditional techniques and designs that contribute to the eclectic nature of this eclectic style.

Moreover, boho style decor places a strong emphasis on eco-conscious choices and responsible sourcing. This aligns perfectly with the approach of local craftsmen, who often prioritize using sustainable materials. By sourcing materials responsibly and utilizing eco-friendly production methods, these artisans contribute to the sustainability ethos that is central to bohemian design. But where can I find this stuff? Try antique shops or thrift stores.

The authenticity of the bohemian style is deeply rooted in the origins and stories behind each piece. When craftsmen build handmade items with sustainably sourced materials, they create a sense of genuine craftsmanship and a personal touch into their work. This not only enhances the uniqueness of their decorative items but also promotes a deeper connection with the space. Homeowners and designers who embrace the bohemian aesthetic appreciate and value these eco-conscious choices, supporting local artists and championing a more sustainable approach to bohemian home design.



Warm mysterious glow is a great way to describe the lighting you might find in a boho home. Think of unconventional ways to achieve the boho look. Tons of candles littering table surfaces and the floor. Or find vintage pieces that could also serve as a lighting statement in your living space. A chandelier? Sure. Candles? Absolutely. Random lighting additions in unexpected places? Do it. Break all the rules in boho homes!



Two words: house plants. Bohemian decor thrives on natural materials, and what's more natural than some real-life greenery in your home?! Adding plants can serve as an excellent first step to creating a unique boho space. There are numerous types of house plants you can add that are easy to maintain such as succulents and snake plants. Potted plants are easy to take care of and add a little extra boho design to your space. Or, if you're looking to try something for your front porch or balcony try out some hanging plants.

More boho vibe decor ideas could include things like family heirlooms from antique stores, hanging chairs, off-beat wall hangings, and more. Better yet, if you love to travel bring home items from your travels abroad in other countries and cultures. That will make the perfect addition to your bohemian living room.



Bohemian design style celebrates a spirited mix of bold geometric and artsy patterns, daringly combined for an eclectic, carefree look. Layer these patterns on various textiles, adding depth and personality to your space. Abandon similar patterns and make the color theme your own. This style is all about doing whatever you want to do and picking out what speaks to you. Different patterns in handcrafted elements like crochet and vintage tapestries create individuality while blending contrasting colors and natural accents completes the boho-chic vibe.



Embracing an affordable approach to Bohemian decor is essential in staying true to its free-spirited and creative essence. Flea markets and vintage boutiques provide a treasure trove of diverse and charming pieces, from unique furniture to vibrant textiles, forming the foundation of a Bohemian space. The key lies in playing with a variety of materials like wicker, wood, brass, and iron, each contributing to the boho atmosphere.

Handmade quilts, rugs, sculptures, and pottery add an artistic touch, paying homage to the style's creative origins. The infusion of nature is fundamental, achieved through an abundance of plants and the warm glow of lanterns and string lights. Plush and comfortable furniture upholstered in rich, earthy tones or vivid hues, along with expressive art and wall hangings, complete the boho look, showcasing a harmonious blend of patterns and colors.

Bohemian decor celebrates the beauty of blending seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive and captivating whole, inviting you to curate a space that reflects your individuality and embraces the unconventional beauty found in every affordable piece discovered on this unique design journey.


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