5 Best Downtown Summerlin Restaurants

5 Best Downtown Summerlin Restaurants

Step into the vibrant culinary scene of Downtown Summerlin restaurants, where city excitement blends seamlessly with gastronomic artistry. Join us as we explore our top five restaurants each with its own unique take on cuisine. From the captivating flavors of Asian fusion to the passionate zest of Latin American dishes, and not forgetting the mouthwatering allure of a classic steakhouse experience – these five spots are a few you can’t miss if you call Las Vegas home:

Jing Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas

JING Las Vegas

Tucked right in the heart of downtown Summerlin, JING Las Vegas nails the modern Asian dining scene. A cool fusion of trendy vibes that are Instagram-worthy and delicious eats that hit the spot, it’s a local favorite. If you're a local, you consider Jing Las Vegas one of the best downtown Summerlin restaurants in the restaurant scene. JING Las Vegas looks luxe with its modern décor, giving off those upscale feels while still being open for anyone looking at downtown Summerlin restaurants. 

When it comes to the food it’s just as good as the decor – they've got a menu that takes you through a journey with all sorts of Asian flavors, but with a twist. Think killer sushi rolls, perfectly grilled goodies, and drinks that'll have you wanting to come back for more.

From the classic Edamame with Maldon sea salt to the indulgent Maine Lobster Dim Sum, each dish is a flavor-packed delight. Experience the Mediterranean Hummus with tzatziki and garlic naan, or the bold Szechuan Lettuce Wraps with chicken and hoisin sauce. Don't miss the unique Shishito Peppers with mustard miso, and the Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy chili garlic aioli. Indulge in Grilled Hamachi Kama and Wagyu Beef Bao Sliders. Explore raw bar options, fresh salads, sushi rolls, and flavorful sides!

JING Tea Cocktails

Not only do they have yummy eats, but they also have delicious cocktails that you'll love that scream "Las Vegas!" Drinks like "I'm With The DJ," "Fizzle Dance," and more fresh signature drinks. The next time you’re looking for downtown Summerlin restaurants put this on your list. 

Brunch Menu

You might be asking, do they have a brunch menu? Yes! they do. Get a table, small plates, and a cocktail or coffee for lunch. Try the avocado toast or fresh seafood, it's delicious! Don't miss the chance to indulge in their exquisite avocado toast, a harmonious medley of creamy avocado and artisanal bread, or explore the depths of flavor with their fresh seafood options that transport you to the coastlines. This is more than just a meal – it's a symphony of flavors and an escape from the ordinary, a perfect amalgamation of breakfast and lunch that leaves a lasting impression.

Learn more about Jing Las Vegas here: https://www.jingrestaurant.com/las-vegas/ 


La Neta Summerlin

Allow us to introduce you to an establishment that we know you’ll wanna try - La Neta Cocina Las Vegas. The ambiance exudes sophistication and plenty of photo-worthy backdrops that you’ll want to put on social media. But what kind of food does La Neta Las Vegas in downtown Summerlin serve?

This restaurant offers a refined haven for taco and Mexican food lovers alike. La Neta Cocina Las Vegas is all about mixing things up in the culinary department to create dishes that excite the senses with unique flavor. Yes, they've got killer tacos, but their menu isn't stopping there, they have all kinds of other Mexican food that you're sure to enjoy. Enchiladas, tortilla soup, grilled chicken, salads, and more so every eater has a meal. 

La Neta Las Vegas

Brunch Menu

Good news! This spot accepts guests for brunch! We recommend trying one of their margaritas or their breakfast tostada dish. Lounge on your lunch break and enjoy some of the best of downtown Summerlin dining. This isn't just a brunch – it's a gateway to a world of flavors, a moment of relaxation in the heart of the city's vibrant dining scene. So, whether you're taking a break from the bustling workday or seeking a culinary escapade, check out this brunch spot.

Learn more about La Neta here: https://www.lanetacocina.com/las-vegas 

La Neta Las Vegas


Harlo Steakhouse & Bar

Harlo Steakhouse & Bar Las Vegas is a renowned dining establishment that offers an exceptional experience for steak and fine dining enthusiasts. In fact, it’s one of our Brokers favorite spots as far as downtown Summerlin restaurants go to dine! Located in a prime location in downtown Summerlin, the restaurant is known for its exceptional selection of premium quality meat, carefully sourced and expertly prepared to cater to diverse diners.

With a sophisticated and inviting ambiance in the dining room, Harlo Steakhouse & Bar provides a welcoming space for patrons to indulge in delectable dishes, complemented by an impressive array of cocktails and beverages. The attentive staff of this house and elegant decor contribute to an upscale dining atmosphere, making Harlo Steakhouse & Bar a preferred destination for special occasions, celebrations, date night, or simply a memorable night out. 

Harlo Steakhouse

local luxury

Immerse yourself in the world of caviar, with Daurenki, Kaluga, and Royal Osetra varieties priced at $155, $185, and $225 per 1oz respectively, or experience all three in a delightful Tasting for just $495.

Enjoy Beehive Creamery Cheese Puffs paired with tarragon aioli, or the Potato Latkes with chive crème fraîche and smoked salmon. If you're feeling like some super fancy food, try the Louis XIII Pairing is a harmony of caviar and spirit, a symphony where LOUIS XIII's essence intertwines with the oceanic undertones of caviar. One of the best in town for caviar.

From the sea, indulge in Crudo Tasting and Grilled King Prawn with mashed potatoes, while Collations au Caviar at $15 offer unique bites of culinary art. For a lavish main course, choose between Pan Seared Diver Scallops and Wood Grilled Branzino, or opt for the Prime Steaks and Chops selection.

Learn more about Harlo Steakhouse here: https://www.harlosteak.com/ 

Harlo Las Vegas


La Strega

One of the downtown Summerlin restaurants in Las Vegas you’ve gotta check out is La Strega. They’re dishing up a seriously delightful Italian dining experience. La Strega’s menu is all about showing off those rich flavors of Italy, so get ready to dig into a variety of traditional dishes crafted with the freshest and finest ingredients. We're talking wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta that's next level, and desserts that'll have you coming back for more. The rustic ambiance of the dining room, gives an Italian trattoria feeling, making La Strega the perfect spot whether you're planning a night out, a family get-together, time with friends, or a cozy dinner for two off the Las Vegas Strip.

The menu is a harmonious blend of flavors brought to you by Chef Gina Marinelli, with seafood enthusiasts drawn to the Charcuterie, which presents anchovy crostini and cured Italian fishes for $42. Enjoy the opulent Caviar Bumps at $20, combining crispy beehive cheese curds with velvety uni crema. Want a recommendation? The Grilled Spanish branzino is one of the best on the menu. 

La Strega Las Vegas

For robust flavors, eat the Spicy Pig Pizza, a tantalizing fusion of soppressata, smoked mozzarella, and chives for $21. Explore the Anchovy Bites* at $12, a textured combination of baguette, egg salad, and vinegary onions. Among the salads, the Chopped Little Gem Caesar at $14 features marinated anchovies and focaccia croutons, while the Stone Fruit & Feta* at $17 combines curled endive with elderberry vin and mint.

The Butcher section offers the Sausage & Peppers, a $22 delight featuring fennel sausage, polenta, and basil. The pasta selection showcases Italian mastery, with highlights like the Pomodoro featuring blistered tomatoes and basil at $21. For $25, the Vongole* offers manila clams, preserved lemon, and chives brought right to the table. Don't forget dessert and coffee at the end of your meal to top off the amazing food.

Learn more about Le Strega here: https://www.lastregalv.com/ 


Grape Street Wine Bar

Grape Street Wine Bar, is a charming lounge for wine enthusiasts found off the Las Vegas Strip located in Downtown Summerlin. With its rustic yet elegant ambiance, this establishment offers a unique blend of relaxed comfort and refined taste. The bar boasts an impressive selection of wines from around the world, curated to satisfy a range of palates. Whether you're a seasoned sommelier or just starting your journey, Grape Street Wine Bar provides a welcoming table to explore and indulge in the world of fine wines. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist in selecting the perfect bottle to complement your dinner.

The decor is tastefully adorned with wine-related artifacts, such as barrels, corks, and elegant wine racks, paying homage to the establishment's primary focus. This location offers outdoor seating, which is perfect for those Nevada days when you're in the mood to be outside and sip on a cocktail. Plus, this location is also off strip which makes it a great local restaurant.

Grape street

The menu offers fresh food to eat that will be perfect pairings for your wine choices. The Tapas Plate, a vibrant array of roasted garlic, Greek meatballs, roasted vegetables, goat cheese cigars, Kalamata olives, and tzatziki sauce, transports your taste buds to the Mediterranean.

The Baked Brie presents a delicate dance of puff pastry, toasted hazelnuts, caramelized onions, and apricot preserve, marrying sweet and savory notes. For a refreshing option, the Roasted Beet Salad harmonizes goat cheese, candied walnuts, field greens, and an 18-year balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

With offerings ranging from small delights like the Poached Salmon Platter to the classics like Caprese and Steamed Clams, the "Beginnings" menu sets the perfect tone for dining out with family or friends. Located in downtown Summerlin, Nevada, this spot is a favorite among local diners.

Learn more about Grape Street here: https://grapestreetdowntownsummerlin.com/ 

Grape Street


Downtown Summerlin's restaurants offer more than just meals; they provide experiences that blend the joy of dining with the thrill of discovery, making each visit an unforgettable passage through a vibrant world of cuisine. So, let your taste buds dance and your senses indulge as you explore the rich tapestry of flavors waiting to be savored in this dynamic culinary haven.

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