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2024 Interior Design Trends

Each year brings forth a fresh wave of trends that promise to give every individual year a unique look. Designers are getting inspired by different cultures and time periods to create eclectic interiors. Let's take a peek into the creative world of home design and see what's hot this year.

Peachy Keen

Apricot and peach....those are the tones that are set to dominate the color palette landscape this year. Anything in that terracotta orange or blush pinky is set to take over. Think of the fuzzy fruits you eat with vanilla ice cream or the shades of orange and pink you see during sunsets. Colors like that are set to be the first paint choice for interior designers for walls, bedrooms and kitchens. If it's not a color you're a fan of, find something in the same family and use it for a single toilet powder room, water closet, or accent wall.

These colors fit seamlessly with the other trends on the list that we'll cover like metal finishes (rose gold), romanticism, and historical callbacks. A splash of color can make a huge difference in any space to add extra character. Are you ready to embrace these citrus tones or are you going to opt out?

Test Your Metal

2024 sees a resurgence interior design trends that emphasizes chrome, steel, and aluminum as they become increasingly prevalent. Chrome, with its shining finish and reflective properties, adds a touch of glamour to interiors, whether in the form of furniture accents or light fixtures. Steel, prized for its strength and durability, brings an industrial chic vibe, lending an edgy yet polished appeal to living spaces that are built to last.

Part of this is an awareness surrounding environmental sustainability, interior designers are placing a greater emphasis on sustainable materials and practices. From the use of fast furniture to embracing industrial materials, there's a concerted effort to minimize the ecological footprint while maximizing visual appeal.

What's interesting about this interior design style in 2024, is that metal finishes are playing with other styles that don't typically go together but, could go together when curated creatively. Metals are typically associated with more modern styles where as what we can look forward to in 2024 is a nod to historical elements.

Jewel Tone Accents + Furnishings

While neutral rugs and muted shades have long been staples of interior design, 2024 sees a departure in the opposite direction with the introduction of bold colors and saturated hues. Deep purples, emerald greens, sapphire blues... regal colors.

We say "regal" because this is going to be a big piece of the next point. These colors were used throughout history and cultures by royalty to inspire luxury. Jewel tones, even the name, scream opulence, but you might be thinking "How do I use such bold color?"

One of the standout trends in 2024 is the emphasis on layered textures and textural fabrics. The use of rich textures like velvet in this trend perfectly matches these colors. Emerald green pillows, ruby red carpets with intricate patterns, and more are easy ways to use these colors without being overwhelmed by them. Plus, if your walls are a peachy color a jewel tone will match great as an accent.

Blast From The Past

Lace and ribbons aren't just for Marie Antoinette anymore. They're for your living room, dining room, laundry room, wherever you want to incorporate them! Elements from history have renewed interest with 2024's style, but not in the way you're probably thinking (grandma's doilies) nope, not like that.

Things like lace, floral patterns, etc, that are reminiscent of the past can all be used as accents. Try finding small vintage pieces such as foot stools, mirrors, throw pillows, and more. Another interior design trend that's making a comeback is having wall coverings for small rooms like laundry rooms.

If these kinds of accents aren't part of your personal style then forgo the lace and ribbons but maybe pick out more simplistic antique accents. Think clean lines, weathered finishes, and understated elegance. Vintage pieces like wooden crates, tarnished metal containers, or old-fashioned clocks can add character without overwhelming a space. By blending the old with the new, you create a sense of balance that speaks to both nostalgia and contemporary taste. Whether you're drawn to lace and ribbons or lean towards minimalism, there's a place for heritage-inspired decor in every home.

Modern Farmhouse Revival with a Contemporary Twist

While traditional style has always held its own, the past few years have witnessed a resurgence of the modern farmhouse style. However, in 2024, this beloved aesthetic is undergoing a transformation with a contemporary twist. Curved furniture and clean lines intersect to create a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, breathing new life into living rooms, dining areas, and even laundry rooms.

On the note of curves, another notable trend making waves in 2024 is the prevalence of curvy shapes and architectural details. From curved coffee tables to statement-making table lamps, there's a shift towards softer, more fluid forms that add visual interest and depth to interior spaces. These subtle yet impactful design elements elevate the overall aesthetic, creating a sense of movement and dynamism.


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