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John C. Crose II – Navy Submarine Veteran

John is a multifaceted professional with a rich history of service and a strong passion for real estate and outdoor activities.  As a Navy Submarine Veteran and a seasoned Nevada State Licensed Realtor, John’s life’s journey has been a blend of dedication, teamwork, and an unyielding commitment to the community. 

Raised amidst the vibrant energy of Las Vegas, John developed a love for his community and a sense of adventure.  After completing his education at the University of Phoenix, he pursued a path of service by enlisting in the United States Navy. Serving in the Navy as a submariner was a defining period in John’s life.  He spent four years aboard submarines, honing his discipline, leadership, and adaptability.  John’s dedication and contributions earned him commendations and the respect of his fellow servicemen and women.

Transitioning to civilian life after his military service, John sought new opportunities to continue his commitment to service.  John found a calling in Las Vegas’s thriving hotel hospitality industry, dedicating 17 years to ensuring guests received exceptional experiences. With a desire to expand his horizons and contribute to his community in a different capacity.  John transitioned into real estate.  He became a Nevada State Licensed Realtor, leveraging his dedication and professionalism to represent hundreds of clients in successful real estate transactions.

Beyond John’s professional endeavors, John is an avid outdoor enthusiast.  His love for snowboarding, golfing, hiking, running, and anything outdoors keeps him active and connected to the beauty of nature.

Today, John continues to thrive in the real estate industry, bringing a unique blend of discipline, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  John also dedicates his time to his outdoor hobbies, finding balanced and joy in the beauty of the outdoors.

As a Navy Submarine Veteran, seasoned Realtor, and lover of outdoor adventures, John embodies the values of dedication, service, and continuous growth.  His journey, shaped by military service and a strong work ethic, reflects a profound commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others and the community they call home.

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