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I have met many realtors through my life buying and selling homes. I struggled to find that extremely sharp, super professional realtor in Las Vegas until I met Craig Tann. When it was time to sell my home in Southern Highlands, I interviewed several "top" agents. My wife and I knew immediately when we met Craig that he was the right one. His professionalism, knowledge and skill became immediately obvious. Craig just completed the sale of our home dealing with several difficult situations. He kept a positive attitude and showed great interpersonal skills in keeping all parties engaged. You will be hard pressed to find a finer real estate agent in the greater Las Vegas area.  - Larry R.

John Sullivan saved the day. I was so scared of selling and he immediately made me feel confident and ready to move forward with a life changing event. Responsive and very detailed. I never imagined the process to be this simple. John literally will always be my go-to. Thanks again for your hard work and  your amazing team. I highly recommend John and his services. - Vincent P.

I recently purchased my very first home. Like many first-time home buyers, I was a little overwhelmed by the process and I didn't know quite what to expect. Pauline held my hand (so to speak) throughout the entire process, never tiring of my questions nor making me feel like I was silly for asking  them. Pauline made herself so readily available to me at all times that I felt more like she was a friend than somebody with whom I was essentially doing business. And on top of all of that, she is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the real estate market! I would highly recommend Pauline to anybody and everybody! - Kim W.

My home was listed with another agent for six months without any success. The listing expired and I was contacted by about 50 Realtors looking for the listing. Craig had good reviews, excellent literature and a lot of experience and he stood out from the crowd. He and his colleague, John Sullivan, met with me, advised me on pricing, staging and marketing. I went with Craig and John. They staged the home, and got an amazing photographer and we relisted. Before the literature was even printed, Craig brought his own buyer with an offer. After a little negotiation the deal was made. 12 days. I just wish I had met these guys six months prior. Top notch. - Jeff T.

JC Carrillo and his team were and absolute dream work with. I moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii and he just made it so easy for us. We uprooted our lives and moved to the 9th island -Las Vegas. He was so knowledgeable and had so much experience to find us the place we dreamed of with no hassle or  stress because he handled it all from start to finish. Thank you JC! And thank you for taking care of my family and friends who have also moved from Hawaii. Give him a shot. He will not disappoint.  - Kimya M.

Brian Mercado has definitely made our home-buying experience as pleasant and flawless as possible. With low inventory and a very aggressive market we were losing hope on ever getting a house we can afford (and love) with our first realtor. By the time we sought Brian’s help we were in a state of  panic and made a lot of jittery decisions. Brian remained professional and efficient throughout the home-buying process. His astute knowledge of the current real estate climate has enabled him to get the best house deal for us in regards to price and seller concessions (on a sellers market!). Would definitely use Brian again and highly recommend him to family and friends. Thanks Brian!  - Zillow Review

Jason Helliwell was very patient and knowledgeable in everything he did. He did not rush us in our decisions and made sure we were satisfied with the homes we saw before we made an offer. As soon as a home was on the market that he knew we would like he would contact us and schedule us to see it as soon as  possible. We are very satisfied with the home we purchased and will recommend Jason to everyone we know. - Zillow Review


I was relocating from CA in a very short window of time. Kailani kept me informed of listings in my price range and preferred areas. When I came to Las Vegas, Kailani spent 2 days showing me the listings I was interested in, had a folder of the properties for me so I could make notes and offered  advise about the areas. I made an offer on a property that I was very interested in on a Friday and my offer was accepted on Monday due to Kailani. She explained my circumstances and worked miracles to get the listing agent and owner to accept my offer. I was able to get the keys to my property before I started my job. I've referred a couple of co-workers to Kailani. She is the absolute best!! - Zillow Review

Our experience with Alex Adabashi was hands down the best real estate transaction we have ever been in. He informed us every step of the way. His professionalism and negotiating skills are top notch. Not only did we get the house we loved, but we got it for way under list price. Buying and  selling real estate can be challenging at times and Alex made it feel very simple. We would recommend Alex to anyone thinking of buying or selling their home. - Kelly H.

John Crose is one of the most capable and genuinely most helpful agents I have ever had the priviledge of working with. John  represented us on a highly competative purchase of a home in Vintage Vegas and was instrumental in helping us secure a fantastic property. Thank you! - Robert N.

Chris Najarro was exceptional to work with! We live in Colorado, but were looking at property to purchase in Las Vegas. We were just looking online at stuff and my husband somehow ended up connecting with Chris about a condo we found. Chris went out to scope the area, took photos for us and confirmed the interior was as shown online. My husband went out a couple of days before me and after checking it out, realized it wasn't quite what we were looking for. So we were back to square 1, but we had already made plans earlier to meet with Chris to look at other properties. Honestly, we really didn't have any hope of finding something in a day or 2, but we went ahead and met with Chris anyway. The Huntington & Ellis office is beautiful and Chris was fully prepared with several properties for us to review and decide on which ones to look at that day. We settled on 4 and off we went. I had mentioned to Chris that we wanted something in a decent part of town. It didn't have to be right on the Strip, but I did want at least 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and in a good school zone. We were looking for property that we could rent out so it was important for the place to be somewhere nice with good schools just in case the renters had children. 2 of the properties we looked at had the exact same floor plan, but one needed more work than the other. The other was okay, but the last one that we looked at we fell in love with. It had everything we wanted in the price range we were looking at. Chris guided us on what to offer as there were several offers already in. After a day, we found out our offer was accepted! Everything went smoothly. Chris and his Transaction Coordinator, Terry Patton, were a great tag team. Communication was key and between their emails and text messages, we were able to get documents signed in a timely manner and close quickly! It was going to be a few weeks before we could get back out there. During that time, something came up where the condo management needed access to the unit. Chris took care of that for us. When my husband was finally able to drive out there, Chris set up a lock box for him to pick the key up at the condo as we didn't know how late or early that might be. Chris' personal touch before, during and after the purchase of our property was amazing and gave us great peace of mind. If you are looking for a realtor who is truly knowledgeable, understands the market, takes the time to figure out what you want, find the right place for you, and keeps you informed during the entire process, I would highly recommend Chris. We have purchased several properties. Only one other time before this has a realtor continued to work for us even AFTER the sale. As out of state buyers, I can't tell you how much that meant to us! Chris is very special and will definitely go the extra mile for you. - Lennie L.

Jessie was amazing from the start! I’m a huge believer in first impressions saying it all and boy did he give quite an impression! His enthusiasm and promptness were the best! My husband and I were buying our very first house and had no idea what we were doing so it was scary. Jesse explained every  step to ya in detail and was not at all bothers by the millions of questions we had. I must have called him at least 4 times a day and he always answered of returned my calls right away. He found us some great houses that were exactly what we were looking for. With the market being as crazy and competitive as it is he was able to get our offer accepted for the house we loved! He was with us through the entire loan process and there to greet us with our keys and a big smile because he was so happy for us! We still keep in touch as he likes to check in and see how we are loving our new house. Jesse will definitely me our go to guy when we are ready for our next purchase. Thank you Huntington and Ellis and especially thanks to Jesse! - Andy N.

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