French Country Style Room Ideas

Sunday October 4, 2020

French Country Style Room Ideas
French Country Style Room Ideas

Inspired by the French countryside, French Country design combines the rustic relaxedness of country living with the elegance associated with France. This design is great for people who want to feel alive and happy in their space. It is also great for people who like to use vintage and antique elements in their rooms.

The Elements of French Country Design
Warm Colors It wouldn’t be French country without the natural colors that make you feel warm inside. Consider yellows, pinks, and blues - they can really brighten up a sad-looking kitchen or bedroom. Pastels and the colors of wood are staples. Bright Atmosphere A French country room without natural sunlight is just depressing. Open your windows! Use translucent, light fabrics instead of thick drapes to allow nature to say hello to your space! Furniture Elegant lines on furniture works great. You may associate French country with the wooden chairs that curve out at their feet. Patterns also work great, but so do solids. A nice floral or striped cushion could be a nice touch. Distressed, vintage furniture as well as antique pieces work well in this design and can add a homey, lived-in vibe. Materials You want to use graceful materials like toile and wood. Metal pieces like iron also have their place here. Again, you can’t go wrong with materials that have a history. It all adds to the rusticity of the French country style. Quaint Accessories This is where you can add fun elements that bring you joy. Mason jars with cloth covers can hold your jams in a French country kitchen. You can add signs to your walls with French words in calligraphy. French bowls, hanging plants, a metal birdcage, even a ceramic chicken can work with your design. There is so much room for personality. Further reading:

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