Hollywood Glam Decor and Design

Friday July 24, 2020

Hollywood Glam Decor and Design
Hollywood Glam Decor and Design

Grab some popcorn! Let’s talk about Hollywood Glam. This style started trending in the 1930's when Hollywood was in its golden era. The motion picture was becoming extremely popular, and movie stars were beginning to enjoy the famous life and the rise of international air travel for leisure. As such, what makes Hollywood unique is not only its classic qualities but its love notes to other cultures and time periods. So what pulls a Hollywood Glam room together? Check out these tips: Rich, Not Gaudy Before going too crazy with the bear-skin rugs and artificial gold pieces, keep in mind that Hollywood Glam requires balance just like any other design style. You can go tacky and gaudy if it makes you happy, but know that there are more subtle ways to take your visitors to classic Hollywood. Classic Colors Gold, white, black, and purple evoke the sophistication and decadence of this time period. You can play with contrast to add balance, such as using a black and white color scheme. A black and white checkered floor can be a great bold touch. Exotic Touches Because air travel was just being introduced, some elements can be exotic. Neoclassical columns, cheetah print wallpaper, and Greek trellises are just a few ways you can add culture to color-neutral space. Elegant Pieces It’s hard to think of Hollywood Glam without thinking of elegant centerpieces, glass chandeliers, and wall mirrors. This era was decadent, so show that decadence through intelligent, eye-catching pieces. Fine Texture Velvet, silk, suede, lacquer, faux fur, crystals, and metals like brass, bronze, and gold can be very tactically appealing and connote the velvet rope, luxurious gowns, and golden trophies of the epitome of Hollywood Glam: the Oscars. Further reading: https://www.decoraid.com/blog/interior-design-style/hollywood-regency-style https://www.newhomesource.com/learn/what-is-the-hollywood-glam-design-style/ https://www.wellborn.com/blog/2020/04/06/hollywood-glam-design/ Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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Hollywood Glam Decor and Design

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