Minimalist Room Design

Friday July 24, 2020

Minimalist Room Design
Minimalist Room Design

Minimalism is rising in popularity for good reason. This style makes your space easier to clean and relax in. Each element is designed to optimize function with as little clutter as possible. How do you make your space more minimalistic? Check out these tips: Declutter: Because we are minimizing the space we use, it is only natural to clean out all the junk. This is a necessary first step. You may have to let go of a few cherished pieces because you never use them. You prom dress or that wallet you never use: gotta go. You’ll thank us later when you realize how free and open you feel in your transformed space. Hide your Storage: If your clutter is necessary, you need to put it out of sight in a minimalist space. Ideally you would get rid of it altogether, but you can keep it in closets, dressers, and chests. As long as you can’t tell the clutter is there, it should work well. Simplify: Minimalism is about functionality. As such, you won’t use ornate designs or unnecessary elements. Keeping your furniture simple and, well, minimalist is key. A good rule of thumb is every time you add an element, you can take one out that you don’t need. You should also look into your daily routine and lifestyle to understand how you tend to relate to your space. Strategically place elements that help make your routine a little easier. Neutralize: You want to work with neutral colors, such as white, black, and grey, as your base. White works great. A monochromatic color scheme is ideal for this kind of design. It makes the space look clean and peaceful. Play with Texture: Because we are working with monochromatic color schemes, playing with texture can add a lot to your living experience. Because of the consistent color, you can use different fabrics for your furniture without it feeling gaunt or dissonant. Further reading: Minimalist Interior Design Tips How to Design a Minimalist Home Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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