Elements of Industrial Design

Thursday July 23, 2020

Elements of Industrial Design
Elements of Industrial Design

The word industrial might not have positive connotations. You may associate industrial with cold concrete, lifeless factories, and dull colors. Despite this, industrial design can be gorgeous and is one of our favorite design styles. Knowing the elements of industrial design may help you improve your own space.

Elements of Industrial Design
Exposed Concrete/Brick Walls: Conventionally industrial designs tend to have exposed concrete/brick walls, but you don’t have to get a remodel just to fit this design. Painting walls white, dark green, or chalkboard black work fine. If you don’t feel like changing up your walls, adding metal wall art or installing a dark chalkboard can work well.

Metal Finishes: As you would expect, industrial design incorporates a lot of metal pieces. Exposed iron pipes, chrome lamps, and copper frames are just some of the touches you can add to go with the theme.

Dark/Neutral Tones: You’ll want to incorporate colors that we tend to associate with the concrete and smoke of the industrial era: grays, blacks, whites, browns, etc. Dark green also looks incredible. You can add pops of light color, but you might find that their most neutral shades work best.

Simple, Comfy Furniture: Just because your room is industrial doesn’t mean you can’t cozy up. In fact, this design tends to have plush, simple furniture. You can make them match the neutral/dark color scheme or add a touch of color. You just might not want to go neon levels of vibrant. Leather is also a common material for furniture. A nice pumpkin leather pillow often looks good.

Contrast: Black and white, old and new, conventional and unique, manufactured and hand-made: industrial design embraces the contrast between such elements. Incorporating contrast can add visual balance to your space. For instance, adding a colorful, naturalistic painting might look great among the man-made pieces.

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