Scandinavian Designs

Wednesday July 22, 2020

Scandinavian Designs
Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavia consists of Northern European countries including Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and this region’s designs have been trending up in recent years. Adding Scandinavian elements can give your space a modern, clean look. Check out these features of Scandinavian design: Coziness: Because Scandinavian countries have extremely cold winters, some Scandinavian elements are made to make your space feel cozy. Chunky knitted blankets and plush ottomans by the fireplace are prevalent examples. Just seeing these pieces can also help you associate your space with relaxing and cozying up! Neutral Base: These designs are also marked by neutral colors as their base, with white being the most common. White walls and furniture evoke the snow of these countries and can also make your space look modern. Black and brown furniture look great in this environment. Minimalism: You will not see clutter in a properly Scandinavian room. Decluttering is a must for showing the elegance of your space. Believe us, you will like how clean and roomy it feels after. Placing lots of space between furniture pieces and avoiding using too many throw pillows or busy centerpieces are some of many ways to minimize the amount of space you use. Modern Touches: You can get a lot of appropriate Scandinavian touches by looking at modern design. Their pieces are simple and minimalistic. They are functional without drawing too much attention. Chrome and new lighting fixtures are good examples that can be very pleasing to the eye. Love Notes to Nature: What looks amazing among the neutral tones and winter elegance? Indoor plants, wood flooring, hints of forest shades of green. You will really feel the peace of a fantastical icy forest. Further Reading:

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