Areas of the Home that are Best for a Remodel

Tuesday July 21, 2020

Areas of the Home that are Best for a Remodel
Areas of the Home that are Best for a Remodel

Every home has areas in need of improvement. Figuring out what improvements your home needs requires a keen aesthetic eye as well as financial skills. You don’t want to get a remodel if it’s not going to get you returns in the long run. You want to make home improvements with the highest rates of return. These returns can manifest in an improved living experience or more financial gain when selling your home.

The following are good areas to invest in a remodel or minor updates to get the most out of your home:

Bathroom These updates can be anywhere from a basic refinishing to complete gutting and replacing and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. How expensive depends on how much you want changed. For a minor update, you can replace tile, tub, sinks, toilets, shower doors, and more. You can also update the paint, lighting, and countertops. You may even want a linen closet.

Click for more tips on bathroom improvements.

Kitchen Even the minorest updates can pull your kitchen’s look together. From repainting cabinets and fixing appliances to replacing all cabinets, countertops, and appliances, you are bound to get high returns from improving your kitchen.

A lovely update is adding a breakfast bar. This allows you to eat with your family buffet style and eat right there in the kitchen!

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Decks, Patios, Porches, & Trellises These additions can add a lot of appeal to your home. Plus, when decorated properly with plants and lanterns, you can make your home look like a romantic paradise.

Decks are wonderful additions for pool owners, as they allow room to relax and make the backyard look more roomy.

Living Room New curtains, furniture, flooring, paint, lighting, outlets, and crown molding are all great ways of making your living room more elegant.

Room Additions Adding a guest room or family room can significantly add to your home’s value. Making your basement into an entertainment lounge is also great. You can add a projector to make it into a home movie theater, or add a wet bar to entertain guests!

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