How to Get Maximum Exposure when Selling Your Home

Monday July 20, 2020

How to Get Maximum Exposure when Selling Your Home
How to Get Maximum Exposure when Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, exposure is crucial. No matter how spectacular or reasonably priced your home is, you won’t get any offers if you don’t get eyes on your home first.

But how is this done? Here are some ways in which home sellers can maximize their home’s exposure:

Real Estate Agent One of the best ways to get maximum exposure is to hire a real estate agent. Agents are specialists who can utilize their connections, experience, and skills to get your home seen. After all, it is their profession! One of the primary ways an agent does this is by listing your home on the MLS, the official database for home listings.

Make sure you find an agent with solid online and offline digital marketing skills. Craft a digital marketing strategy with them to optimize exposure.

Photography The best way to get your home seen on the internet is via quality photography. When potential buyers come upon your listing online, whether via the MLS, Google search, or social media, their eyes are going to be drawn first to photos, not the words. So make sure you have quality photography with proper editing that puts your home in the best light.

Videography Videography has the same benefits as photography, except with a visual and competitive edge. The visual edge is the editing and movement with the camera that can highlight your home’s elegance. The competitive edge is how quality videography shows potential customers that you take this listing seriously and that you are a good investment.

Virtual Tour Virtual home tours are a great way to allow people to walk through your home digitally from their own computers. All of the home’s features are right there to see at various angles and distances, without any need to drive over. This has huge exposure potential.

Open House There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned walk-through. You can advertise open houses to attract potential buyers and impress them with your home's glory in person. Interested buyers will also want to see the home before committing to a purchase. Open houses are a great way to expose your home to people of varying interest in your home, which may result in surprising buyer competition.

One-Page Websites You can have a custom website created for your listing that you can send throughout your social network. One-page websites can be used for presentations, email newsletters, and social media, and are a very handy tool in presenting your home in a glossy and tech-savvy way.

Check out examples of our one-page websites here.

Advertisement on Major Websites Advertising your home beyond the MLS is hugely helpful. Advertising on Zillow and with your MLS photos and descriptions are a great way to get your home seen for potential buyers, as they don’t have access to the MLS and are likely going to go to these popular sites first.

You have to rely on methods like these to get your home sold. Just like you would invest in a good stager or appraiser, you want to invest in someone like a quality agent to market your home. Trust us, it is a worthy investment.

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