Part-Time vs. Full-Time Real Estate Agents

Tuesday July 14, 2020

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Real Estate Agents
Part-Time vs. Full-Time Real Estate Agents

The process of choosing the right real estate agent for you can be intimidating. The home buying process and home selling process are complex and expensive enough, so how do you know if a part-time or full-time agent is going to get your needs met?

If you want to get the most out of your transaction, you generally want to go with a full-time agent. Some reasons include:

Their priority.

Part-time agents, unlike full-time agents, probably don’t consider you their top priority. They likely have a full-time job or other responsibilities unrelated to real estate. And this makes it nearly impossible to keep up with the fast-paced, competitive, and ever-changing real estate world.

For a full-time agent, their living and their career is impacted by your satisfaction. They dedicate their work to satisfying their clients and making quality service their full-time job. Working with a quality full-time agent is a safe bet that they will put your needs first.

Their experience.

Let’s face it, anyone can get a realtor’s license. But the classes you take and the exam you study for are not sufficient preparation for a career in real estate.

Has your realtor worked full-time for years, or are they an Average Joe who occasionally does deals with close friends and family members? There is an apparent difference between these two’s quality of service. It’s not having the license, it’s what you do with it: the experience you get, the sales skills you acquire, the connections you make, the deals you close.

Their connections.

Unlike your part-time agent, the full-time agent has invested a lot more time acquiring connections that can really benefit you, from painters and caterers to appraisers and title officers. Trust us, you want these connections. They can greatly affect the speed and efficiency of your transaction and overall make the often stressful process a positive experience.

Their drive.

Think about what being a part-time agent says: you “do” real estate on the side, but you aren’t driven by it. You're not motivated or passionate, at least not passionate enough to do what it takes to really know the market and get the most for your client. To be a successful real estate agent, you have to invest a lot of time, energy, and perseverance, and doing it part-time likely means you are unable or unwilling to take that time.

Their track record.

Full-time agents also tend to have a track record of client reviews, so you know what you’re getting. Experienced agents that care about developing a relationship with their clients will internalize these reviews so they can improve. The part-time agent likely does not have as strong a track record and (again) does not have the experience to grow in this way.

Bottom Line: Your priority. What kind of agent you work with comes down to what you want. You can certainly go with a part-time realtor if it works for you. Maybe you have a friend who is licensed who you really believe can meet their end of the deal. But if you want to optimize your sale and get the best deal possible, you need to invest in the agent who invests in their real estate career and invests in you.

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