Why You Need a Local Real Estate Agent

Friday July 10, 2020

Why You Need a Local Real Estate Agent
Why You Need a Local Real Estate Agent

Whether you need a local agent or not to sell your home is highly debated. Henry W. Bailey, broker from Georgia who wrote an Inman article, claims that local agents are no longer necessary because of the digital age and realtor’s mobile lifestyles.

Although Bailey is right in recognizing the clear changes digital marketing has brought to the real estate industry, there are clear advantages to hiring a local agent.

They know your local market. The most obvious and prevailing benefit is that local agents know the area you’re selling in and your local market. True, any non-local agent can study your area on the internet and memorize crime rates, expenses, etc. But your local agent has firsthand experience with living in your area. They understand and probably sympathize with your likes and dislikes and can relate to difficulties that come with living in and financing a home there. As a result, you’re more likely to get better and more personalized assistance.

They know how to get you the best deal. Your local agent specializes in your local market specifically, meaning they know how the current state of the economy is impacting consumer behaviour in your area and how to leverage these factors in how you price and negotiate. Having worked local to you, they also have experience with buyers and sellers just like you and know how to successfully navigate a deal in ways that a non-local might not.

They have local connections. As an agent, it is incredibly important to have local connections. Selling a home is difficult as a one-man show. You’re going to need the help of experts like appraisers, inspectors, escrow officers, stagers, cleaners, and maybe even caterers. Your local agent will know the best people to go to in your area to pull off the best sale possible.

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