Why Go with the Real Estate Agent with the Best Reviews?

Thursday July 9, 2020

Why Go with the Real Estate Agent with the Best Reviews?
Why Go with the Real Estate Agent with the Best Reviews?

As you know, choosing a real estate agent requires a lot of research and information-gathering. But where does this information come from? Well, when it comes to agents, reviews are an essential part of finding the right realtor for you.

Why is it important to go with an agent with strong reviews?

Reviews are made by real clients. They are a great place to get information on what real previous clients thought of their experience with this agent from start to finish. Reading these can give you a feel of what to expect.

You can get specific details about this agent from objective parties. The agent’s website is going to be a little biased in their descriptions of their services and experience because they’re trying to sell themselves to you! Reviews on Google and Zillow are a great place to get anecdotes from clients about what specifically this agent achieved and how they made their clients feel.

Managing online reviews is a lot of work for agents and shows effort to put their best foot forward. Having a long track record of reviews shows that the agent cares about being up-to-date in the ever-changing digital world, establishing a relationship with their clients, and internalizing feedback to improve their service.

The following are tips on analyzing reviews to get you to your ideal agent:

Take it with a grain of salt. A bad review on what a nightmare the place was may be an exaggeration, fabrication, or unlikely instance. This is isn’t to say you should never trust reviews, but it is advisable to take a wholistic approach and not let one bad review or 1-star rating make or break your opinion of an agency.

Don’t be afraid to take your agent up on something you saw in a review. If something really stood out, piqued your interest, or is material to you wanting to work with them, ask them about it when you interview them. Look to Google and Zillow as your primary sources. This is where most people go and where you will get the most detailed information.

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