How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home

Wednesday July 8, 2020

How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home
How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home

The home selling process is elusive enough, and getting the optimal price for you home is just as confusing. Here are some tips that we hope clarify the best ways to optimize your sale and get the best deal possible!

Get a real estate agent.
A lot of people try to sell their homes without the help of an agent, and this is a huge mistake. Agents are around for many reasons, and a primary one is their expertise in the market. Unless you are an agent yourself, you absolutely need one to evaluate the current market and the state of your home to get the best deal possible for you.

An agent will also be able to help you with marketing, especially understanding your target audience. Will your ideal homebuyer want your home to be move-in-ready? Will they want it to be pre-upgraded? Are they likely an investor who is into adding their own upgrades? These are all questions that (hopefully) your agent can answer to really hone your marketing tactics.

Make sure you invest a lot of research into your agent. Interview them, and make sure they make you feel comfortable and like you're their priority. They will be your advocate in the negotiating process, so they better be on your side. You want a top real estate agent, but you also need to choose the best real estate agent for you.

Price it right.
The offers you get are majorly dependent on the price you put out. Nothing turns someone on to, or off from, your home more than the price, no matter how pretty you make it look. You need to work with your real estate agent to get the sweet spot that will get buyers competing for your home while still allowing you a reasonable amount.

Make your home as presentable as possible.
Clean out the clutter. Take the weird fish statue down from the mantle of your office. Order a professional home inspection. Upgrade, improve, and stage wherever necessary. These home improvements might be material to what’s offered you. Repair the cabinets. Fix the leak. Remove the stains. Open the windows. Bring out the fine china. Get your pets boarded. Basically, act as if the queen were coming for dinner. Then stage to show your upgrades in all their glory.

Statistics show that staging your home sells it quicker and at a better price. Even though it’s expensive, likely thousands of dollars, it might be well worth the investment.

Staging is like setting an article of clothing up on the mannequin in the display window of a fashion store. It will really get consumers to 1) see it, 2) picture themselves in it, and 3) love it enough to the point where they can’t get it out of their mind and have to purchase it!

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