Should You Get a Pool?

Sunday October 4, 2020

Should You Get a Pool?
Should You Get a Pool?

Pools: who doesn’t want one? They’re great for entertaining kids in the summers, doing laps, sprucing up your backyard, and overall making your home feel like a vacation paradise.

But for as many reasons to get a pool there are reasons not to get a pool. This isn’t to say that pools are a bad thing; in fact, they can really enrich your home experience. You just have to understand the problems you might have and determine if you’re willing to have them.

You cannot get a pool based merely on the fact that you have the money to build it. Pools are a great financial and--at times--emotional expense, and you want to understand these aspects before committing. Your pool has the potential to be your favorite asset or your worst nightmare, and it all depends on your preparation and research.

So let’s look at some things to consider before building a pool:

Is installing a pool worth it?
Why do you want a pool? Think long and hard about it. Whatever your answer, it must justify the expense, or you will be miserable trying to pay off an asset you never use.

You can expect a pool installation to cost from around $15,000 to around $50,000. But don’t expect your expenses to stop once you pay off the installation expense. You need to pay for landscaping, cleaning, sanitation, filtration, fencing, decking, and maintenance.

So conduct in-depth research on all of these expenses. Can you afford them? If you can, do you still want a pool? Do you see yourself feeling the same long after you’ve installed it, or could you potentially get bored of it later? Who else is using the pool? Are they as passionate about it as you are? Do you see them feeling the same later on?

Don’t invest in a pool solely for the added value to your home. The return of investment is too difficult to predict. There should be other reasons for investing that will give you good use out of it while you have it and not just once you sell your home.

Once you’re confident in your decision and are committed to moving forward, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions.

Where will the pool go? Is your land level enough for its installation? What kind of changes need to be made to your landscape for a successful installation? Is there space around the pool to walk, lounge, and entertain? If not, will you need a deck installed? Is there too much shade around the pool? Do you have small children that could potentially be harmed by this pool? What precautions can you take to make sure your kids are safe while using it?

What size pool do you want? What material will it be made of? Can you afford this material? What type of pool do you want? Is this type practical for your yard? Are the weather conditions of your area fitting for a pool? Is there weather decent enough for you to get good use from it?

Do you know who will build the pool? If not, where can you find them? Do you have friends you can get referrals from? Are they happy with their pools?

Bottom Line: A pool has the potential to be a wonderful asset and can add great emotional and even financial value to your home. However, pools do come at a great cost, and committing to a pool means committing to cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping that you may not want or be able to afford.

As with all things real estate, do as much research as you can before making this huge investment. Once you’ve evaluated your reasons for building the pool compared to the cost, you can feel more relaxed as you sip your cocktail by your sparkling new oasis.

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