Why Your Home Needs a 3D Virtual Home Tour

Friday June 5, 2020

Why Your Home Needs a 3D Virtual Home Tour
Why Your Home Needs a 3D Virtual Home Tour

What are 3D Virtual Home Tours? 3D Virtual Home Tours are digital renderings of homes that viewers can use to explore a home without having to physically travel. They are usually made with a special camera and software that creates a 3-dimensional view of a space. This is high-tech, fancy, and expensive, but is it necessary? Yes, and especially now! Check out these reasons why you need a 3D virtual tour of your home: A Variety of Viewing Options With this type of tour, you can view the home from various angles and distances you wouldn’t be able to with various other types of tours. 3D tours even allow you to view the home from the distant “dollhouse” view to details inside individual rooms. Control Over Navigation The truly neat thing about 3D tours is that you have more control over what you look at compared to other virtual tours. Whereas with a video tour, you don’t have as much control over what you look at, 3D tours allow you to walk through according to how you want to see the home and decide what you want to view more in depth. Time to Really Look In-person tours tend to have time constraints. With 3D tours, you can take your time and really take a look at the details that interest you without feeling time-pressured. A Detailed Sense of the Space This is no cheap 3D model. If you real estate company invests in a good software, you get a complete experience of the home with a firm sense of the space. This is so crucial to a viewer’s opinion of a home, and not something you get with photos alone. Information, for Buyers and Sellers When you’re looking into a home, don’t you want as much information as possible? When you walk through the home, don’t you want specific questions in mind? 3D tours are so detailed that you can see almost every inch of the space. This way, you are the most informed you can be before walking through the space for real. Sellers also benefit immensely from this aspect because it ensures that their leads are more informed and qualified for closing the deal. Knowledge is power for both sides of the transaction. Adapting to the Digital Age As the real estate industry shifts more and more to the online world, it only makes sense that this advancement is becoming more of a necessity. The majority of people start their search for homes online. Currently, buyers and sellers may be especially concerned about the use of in-person tours with the dangers of COVID-19. 3D tours only add benefit through more convenience, more information, and better marketing, all in the comfort of one’s own home. Further Reading: Why Home Sellers – and Buyers – Love 3D Virtual Tours Benefits of Using Virtual Tours to Attract Real Estate Buyers Professional Photography & Virtual Tour Benefits Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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