4 Styles for Your Dream Home

Sunday October 4, 2020

4 Styles for Your Dream Home
4 Styles for Your Dream Home

When drawing up what you want in your dream home, you need references. Even if you’re not in a place to buy or build at the moment, it’s fun to look at inspiration when dreaming of the home you want to end up in. Do you want a Victorian, Cape Cod, Colonial, or Cottage? Find out below! The following are four of many styles to consider when dreaming of your ideal home. Victorian If you’ve watched movies or TV shows that take place in the Victorian era, you can probably guess based on the characters alone what this style is like. The Victorian era of England was characterized by moral reform, industrialism, and a turn to the romantic and mystical as a result of Queen Victoria’s reign. Colonists brought these values and the Victorian-style home plan to the United States. What is probably most recognizable about this time period’s architecture is its ornateness; as such, you might see more elaborate trims and finishes in Victorian homes. These homes also often appear grandiose in their high ceilings and gabled roofs and can even run up to three stories. Such homes may also have features that appear impractical to the modern eye but add a decorative, gothic vibe nonetheless. Victorian-style homes are a rare find and can be highly valuable commodities. More details and photos of Victorian homes: Everything You Need to Know About Victorian Homes www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a24678733/victorian-style-house/ Know Your Architecture Styles: What Are Victorian Homes? www.rockethomes.com/blog/home-buying/know-your-architecture-styles-what-are-victorian-homes Defining a House Style: What Is a Victorian Home? freshome.com/inspiration/defining-house-style-victorian-home/ Cape Cod Cape Cod homes came to the scene around the 17th century and made a comeback in the 1930s. This style home is designed to withstand harsh climates. You can contrast this with the Victorian style. Where Victorian is ornate and grandiose, Cape Cod style is more functional and simple than decorative and elaborate. However, despite its simplicity, this style can have aesthetic appeal. It is characterized by symmetricality, often with the front door in the center with a window on each side of it. Of course, it is possible to have a Cape Cod home with flares of modernity and decorativeness. This home style will probably be here to stay for a long time. More details and photos of Cape Cod homes: What Makes a Home Style: Defining the Cape Cod Home freshome.com/inspiration/classifies-house-style-makes-cape-cod-home/ Everything You Need To Know About Cape Cod Style Houses www.homedit.com/cape-cod-style-houses/ www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a24516732/what-is-a-cape-cod-style-house/ Colonial As the name suggests, this style was brought to the U.S. as it was colonized and remains beloved today. Giveaways are Roman and Greek touches, like columns, as well as symmetricality and geometrically on an even, square lot. You’ll see several windows with the door serving as the focal point. When you look at photos of such homes, it may remind you of the White House. Although this is a traditional style, it is certainly here to stay, and has been well-preserved in its original form. You will rarely see changes to this one. More details and photos of Colonial homes: What You Should Know About American Colonial-Style Houses www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a23647602/american-colonial-style-houses-facts/ What Is a Colonial House? www.angieslist.com/articles/what-colonial-house.htm Cottage This style was popularized in the U.S. in the 60s and 70s for vacation homes. You may associate it with the stone cottages of fairy tale stories; indeed, you can make your home into your own fairy tale with this style. Cottages are usually small with the living space in the bottom and bedrooms just under the roof. You can find traditional and modern cottages of varying motifs, which means you’re bound to find the right fit for you among this variety. Everything You Need To Know About Cottage Style Homes www.homedit.com/cottage-style-homes/ What's your favorite home style? Curious about the styles of the properties we've sold? Check out Our Listings inventory. Was this article helpful? Check these out: Things to Consider Before Making an Offer on Your Dream Home The Pros & Cons of Buying a New Construction Home Tips for First-Time Home Buyers How to Invest in Real Estate the Right Way To get in touch with one of the top real estate agents in Las Vegas, check out Our Team, or feel free to Contact Us and we will help you find the right fit.

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