Resources to Help You During Pandemic Fear

Wednesday April 8, 2020

Resources to Help You During Pandemic Fear
Resources to Help You During Pandemic Fear

“Whatever you frequently think and ponder upon, that will become the inclination of your mind.” – the Buddha One of the biggest challenges during this pandemic is maintaining a sense of peace. When you are surrounded by fearful messages, it is hard not to be fearful yourself. Here are a few resources that might help you regain peace at this time: Tara Brach This psychologist, Buddhist, and motivational speaker is famed for her calming meditations and uplifting teachings on mindfulness and self-compassion. Among of her many famous books are Radical Acceptance (here) and True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart (here). Just listening to her calming voice in her audiobooks and YouTube videos (here) will calm you down. Check out her astute and powerful reflection on Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awakened Heart here. The Good News Network Did you know there are news networks that show uplifting and positive happenings in the world? One of these is The Good News Network (here), which posts uplifting and humorous news that will make you smile. Check out one of their recent post about senior citizens playing a life-size version of Hungry-Hungry Hippos to entertain themselves during quarantine here. The School of Life ThisYouTube channel (here) is dedicated to creating quality content rooted in thought-provoking philosophy and psychology. At the end of each video, you will better understand how to cope with your emotions during hard times. Check out their poignant video on Self Compassion here. As with our diets, how we nourish ourselves through our intellect greatly impacts our mood and health. We hope these resources ground you amidst whatever you are feeling and help you keep moving forward. What resources help you during rough times? We want to hear them!

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