Cheap Improvements that Will Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Paradise

Wednesday April 8, 2020

Cheap Improvements that Will Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Paradise
Cheap Improvements that Will Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Paradise

How much time do we spend in the bathroom? A lot. How much time do we invest in making our bathrooms look nice? Probably not as much. Your master bathroom is likely long overdue for some love and attention. Below are some tips for turning your master bath into a spa paradise without having to dig deep in your wallet: Clean Up. Though it might not be the most exciting step, it is the most important. By throwing out your 3-year old shampoo bottles and long-forgotten face creams, the space starts to open up and you can see your dream bathroom peeking through. This might even make you excited about improving this space that has long needed some TLC. Scrubbing down the sinks, toilets, tub, and floor will already get you a large percentage of the way to a wonderful bathroom. Change Up the Colors. This is where it gets fun. Start with a theme or color scheme and stick to it. Maybe you want a nautical beach vibe or a more whimsical atmosphere. Bright pastels make it homey and classic colors like black and gold add a more elegant vibe. Playing with geometric patterns can also add life to your scheme. Replacing the curtain, rugs, shower mat, towels, toothbrush holders, paint, wallpaper, and other features to be in line with this scheme can make your space look much more cohesive. Add Spa-Like Appliances. Stop by your local appliance store and get a foot bath, paraffin wax pot, towel steamer, or oil diffuser at low cost. Adding these can help you develop a great relationship with your bathroom, especially if it’s a tad small. Believe us, you’ll want to head in there after a long work day if you’ve got a toasty foot bath with jets. Add Some Artwork. Of course, artwork adds an aesthetic vibe to any space. Images are incredibly impactful, and with the amount of time we spend in the bathroom, a pleasing image can cause you to associate positive feelings with this space. Especially when the piece is in line with your theme, this element can really support a new and improved bathroom. Add Some Plants. Living things add life and texture to this space. Potted plants can act as artistic focal points and reminders of the natural world beyond your appliance-filled space. If your bathroom has a window, opening up the curtains and letting the light shine in on your new little friends can really add serenity and brightness. Play With Lighting. Light can really, well, brighten up this space! Dressing room lights can make you feel like a movie star about to perform, or adding dimmers can make you tranquil for your bubble bath. Not only does the type of lighting impact your mood, but the design of the fixture itself can also act as its own aesthetic feature that can complement your theme. For instance, barnyard lights add a more rustic vibe, while fluorescent lights can create a modern, clean appearance. Replace Mirrors. Sometimes the simple step of replacing your mirrors to match your theme and taste is all you need. The shape and size of a mirror can impact how big the space feels. More mirrors makes space look larger. Replace Fixtures. Faucets, shower heads, drains, and toilets are part of your theme, and sometimes replacing these can make your bathroom look completely renovated. Nothing is worse than a rusty fixture, so if you think yours need an update, you won’t regret investing in it. Overall, you are the one spending the most time in your bathroom. Trust your gut with how you want it. Who knows? Perhaps making basic progress with these steps might even help you love your space as it is so you won’t have to invest in a complete remodel. Want to learn more from someone on Our Team? Feel free to Contact Us. We're happy to help.

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