Benefits of Open Houses You Haven’t Considered

Wednesday March 25, 2020

Benefits of Open Houses You Haven’t Considered
Benefits of Open Houses You Haven’t Considered

Open houses are a controversial topic of the home selling process. We’re often asked if holding open houses is worth the effort and expense. Even if you don’t pay a professional stager, you have to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning and primping your home so it is open-house-ready. Is it worth it? Open houses do sell your home faster. Here are some benefits to open houses that are often underlooked but illustrate their importance: They’re buying the home and the community. An often overlooked benefit of an open house is that potential buyers can get to know the community and neighborhood where the house is located. It’s important for agents and viewers alike to know what the home’s community has to offer, including amenities, HOA, and more. Another great perk of an open house is that you might be able to meet others in the neighborhood and get a feel for the social climate. There are so many other factors that impact living in your home that are outside of the home itself, and community and location are important parts of these. Put out some menus and brochures of local restaurants and hotspots, and you’ll have leveraged these. Marketing at its finest. Do you think you’re more convinced to buy a car once you hop in and test drive it with all the gizmos, comfort and new car smell? You might groan at the idea of having to prepare your home for an open house, but believe us: holding open houses is a great marketing tool. With an open house, you can get hundreds of interested buyers to “test drive” and experience the great things your home has to offer in a short period of time. This in turn results in your home selling faster. Once you realize that, you know that the staging and cleaning are worth the expense and energy. Laid-back atmosphere. The home-buying process can be intimidating. Thankfully, open houses have a laid-back atmosphere that attracts people who might be new to the home-buying process and are unsure where to start. Some people even find it fun to go to open houses even when they’re not actively looking to buy a home. Guests feel at ease by the social atmosphere, which can spark conversations between fellow agents and fellow buyers. You want this kind of atmosphere because it maximizes your home’s exposure and gets people talking about it. These points only scratch the surface of what open houses can do for you. But as with most things, educating yourself is never a bad thing. If you decide that the pros outweigh the cons of holding an open house, we highly recommend using this tool. Want to learn more from someone on Our Team? Feel free to Contact Us. We're happy to help.

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