Home Staging: Creating the Narrative that Will Sell Your Home

Thursday March 19, 2020

Home Staging: Creating the Narrative that Will Sell Your Home
Home Staging: Creating the Narrative that Will Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, or even if you’re the top realtor in Las Vegas, it’s always good to brush up on important real estate processes. Selling your home can be an emotional process. Especially when you’ve lived in it for a long time, it can feel like your home is being stripped bare of the years of memories and character you’ve put into it, all to be sold as a commodity. Our home is a central part of the narrative of our lives, and to move homes can feel like the story is over. One part of the selling process that can be mentally taxing is the staging process. There are statistics showing clear evidence that staging your home makes it sell faster and above the asking price. You can check out these stats in this informative article: https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/real-estate/sellers--the-benefits-of-staging-your-home. But people who are emotionally attached to their home might feel that, although necessary, transforming your home into one that is completely unrecognizable is saddening. However, it is important to remember staging your home is a good thing, not just for selling your house, but also for making it into somebody else’s home. A House is Not a Home When you’re selling a house that is significant to you, you don’t want to go through the feeling of your house being stripped bear. But in reality, it should be thought of like being dressed up, as with costuming characters in a stage production. Buyers and agents tend to stereotype houses by features they like or don’t like. And like characters on the stage, they are going to forever associate these traits to make judgments about the house. You don’t want your home to be “The One with Too Much Clutter” or “The House with The Weird Bear Rug.” You want them to see your home as “The One with Great Flooring,” etc. How do stagers achieve this impression? Unfortunately this means creating your home into a character you might not recognize or even like; in essence, an “everyhouse.” Making Your House into an “Everyhouse” In entertainment, a character (usually a protagonist) that is generic enough for an audience member to use to immerse him/herself into the story. It gets its name from the medieval morality play Everyman. Think Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comics. These characters have minimal features so they can absorb the action and draw attention to the drama of other characters/elements of the story. In this case, the stager of your home is making your home an everyhome. Everything they do is not because they personally think it’s pretty or interesting; it’s to support the story. In this case, the stager is creating a narrative in which the buyer can envision themselves in this home. And the way to make this convincing while catering to as many potential buyers as possible is to keep it clean, simple, and (admittedly) generic enough so the buyer will notice the selling points that they can use to make this house their home. The stager isn’t going to see what you see in your home. The clutter, cushiness, and character you find endearing might not allow the objectivity your house needs to draw attention to the “drama” of how great your doorways are, amazing your kitchen is, spacious your living room is, or whatever will get your home to sell. So if your stager politely tells you that your favorite painting won’t work in your living room, try not to view it as a personal insult. Your home still has character once it’s staged, it’s just a different kind. Staging your home when you are emotionally attached can be difficult, like watching one of your favorite characters of your favorite drama series get bumped off. But creating this narrative is crucial, not only in making a sale, but also in allowing your buyer to understand how they can continue your house’s legacy as the stage for their own narrative. And that in itself is a good thing. Find out what we can do for you to Sell Your Home here.

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