Best Pickleball Areas in Las Vegas

Monday February 15, 2021

Best Pickleball Areas in Las Vegas
Best Pickleball Areas in Las Vegas

It’s surprising how obscure a sport Pickleball is when it’s becoming so prevalent around the world! This sport incorporates elements of badminton and tennis and involves the use of paddles instead of racquets. If you’re curious, check out these prime destinations to explore pickleball and its variants! The Pool at the Plaza Hotel: If you want a pickleball location that offers so many more amenities, you’ll want to know of this! The Pool at the Plaza Hotel hosts the Las Vegas Pickleball Open and offers pretty much everything you could wish for in Vegas, including dining, gambling, entertainment, and of course, the hospitality offered by the Plaza Hotel. The 70,000 sq ft pool area offers inexpensive pickleball court rentals and free lessons every week! Recreation Areas: Pickleball courts are available for reservations at Black Mountain Recreation Center, Mission Hills Park, Siena Heights Trailhead, Whitney Mesa Recreation Area, and the Downtown Recreation Center. Check out this link for more information! RRA Padel: A variation on paddle tennis, Padel is played on a court about 25% smaller than tennis courts, and is played in doubles. RRA Padel is a club organization that was the first to introduce the sport to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It takes its mission very seriously in introducing padel to more people. They opened a new location with 8 courts in Las Vegas. Check out their absolutely gorgeous courts and find what clubs are available here: In Conclusion: These are perfect places to enjoy Pickleball while in Las Vegas, whether you’re just now learning the sport or it’s been your long-time favorite. If you re considering relocating to Las Vegas, speak to one of our Huntington & Ellis agents today by visiting:

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