The Elements of Modern Design

Thursday January 7, 2021

The Elements of Modern Design
The Elements of Modern Design

If you are familiar with art movements, you might know that modern designs in any art form are generally rejections of the traditional. As such, the rusticity and decorativeness of traditional interior design is the opposite of what you might expect in modern design, and comparing them often helps with understanding their key characteristics. Why go with modern design? It makes spaces look clean, organized, simple, and up-to-date. People who want a space to look professional without being cold and unwelcoming should definitely look into modern style.

The Elements of Modern Design
Minimalism Modern design is characterized by minimalism, a type of design that avoids clutter and unnecessary elements. Avoid old pottery, unnecessary trinkets, ornate crown moldings, and things that take up space solely for the purpose of decoration. This will make your space appear so clean and organized that you will feel you transformed your space just from decluttering. Check out our article on minimalist room ideas here. Neutral Colors White, grey, and black are customary base colors for your design. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have pops of colors. Accent colors here and there can work great for touches and focal points, as long as they are not the color of your whole furniture set, walls, and flooring. Geometry, Lines, and Symmetry Where more rustic, traditional design use flourishing and elegant curves and designs, modern design takes advantage of the good old straight line. Straight horizontal and vertical lines in furniture, walls, floors, windows, shelves, and prints can make a space look sharp and sophisticated. The sparing use of geometric shapes can also provoke this response. Materials Where rustic and traditional incorporate raw natural materials such as wood, modern design uses metals and plastics. The more refined and new materials appear, the better. For instance, exposed iron pipes that look lived in, though metal, can seem more traditional than chrome or stainless steel. These materials can look stunning in furniture and technological elements. Further reading:

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