New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in 2020

Tuesday December 15, 2020

New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in 2020
New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in 2020

This year has been difficult, but thankfully it’s holiday season. This is a time of joy and community, so how do we observe it in 2020? Here are some places to start! Try new recipes. With more time at home, maybe it’s time to change up your traditional holiday staples. Are you tired of the standard pies and cookies? Try new recipes from different cultures! Hearty lasagna, sushi, bulgogi, falafels, and so many more foods make great appetizers and mains. Be adventurous this year! Host a Skype party. You don’t have to spend the holidays alone! Screen share a movie with friends or try online improv games to stay in touch with your loved ones while keeping a safe distance! Make a creative video to share with friends. This is the time to get creative about how you communicate your love. Creating a sketch, commercial, or fancy graphic is an awesome hobby that you can share without having to leave your home. Plus, if you get your family and friends involved, you can string together a great piece of art without having to meet in person. Plan a vacation. It seems like it will be a while before the world will go back to normal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t dream of where you will go once it does! Studies show that the pleasure of vacations doesn’t come from the activities but rather from the planning and dreaming, so think big! Start a gratitude journal. There’s a lot to be grateful for, and it’s getting easier to forget it. Studies show that keeping a gratitude journal over time can decrease depression. Focus on the good fortune that has come your way this year, and you will get a new perspective on the challenges you faced. Try yoga, Qi Gong, or another healing sport. The holidays with limited capacity at gyms are not a good combination for your health. Overeating and underexercising can cause stress, pain, and heart conditions. You deserve to take care of yourself, and trying a new sport with a lot of breath focus is just one of many ways you can stay fit from a distance. Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways to move and breathe at home. A great way to work off the holiday meals! Give a gift to someone whose views are different from yours. This year has polarized us, and the holidays are the time to look past this and see people as humans. If someone associates with a political party, religion, or social group that you don’t agree with, try giving them a gift just for the sake of making them feel good. Write a letter to next year’s self. Things will get better. Write down all your anxieties and things that have happened this year, stash the letter away, and don’t read it until next year. You’ll be able to see how much stronger you’ve become. Let us know how you feel after trying these activities! Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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