How to Transfer Utilities When You Move

Thursday December 10, 2020

How to Transfer Utilities When You Move
How to Transfer Utilities When You Move

You know the best way to start life in your new home? Starting the first few weeks with no electricity, heat, or running water. Just kidding. But seriously, you need to make sure you transfer your utilities to your new home. But how do you do this? Check out these steps! 1) Make a list of all your utilities providers. These can include gas, electricity, water, sewer, trash, cable, internet, phone, satellite, security system, and more. Once you have every provider written down, add their contact information. Be sure to note which ones you plan on changing when you move, and what provider you plan on replacing it with. 2) Notify providers of the move. It’s better to do this earlier rather than later, for the sake of your own comfort and sense of organization. You may want your electricity and gas to stay on until a couple days after you move so you can have some light if you need to go back for more items. When you move into your new home, you want the utilities to be on for the day before you move, so things like AC and heat will definitely be working when you arrive. Overall, you want to give the heads up at least a month in advance for things that require installation like cable and security, and at least two weeks in advance for everything else. 3) Ask if you owe them anything. Make sure you don’t have any overdue bills paid off so you don’t have to worry about them after the move. 4) Arrange mail forwarding. Contact USPS and let them know what your new address is so mail will be forwarded to you. You also want to let your utilities know of your new address so you don’t miss any bills. 5) Arrange water and sewer. This will be done through your city, so contact it for access to water and sewer. 6) Do a final meter reading. You still have to pay for utilities up to just before your move. Keep track of your meter readings so you know what to expect in your last bill. 7) Get a technician to do a home energy audit on your new house. This is an important assessment of where energy is leaking in your home, and the technician will let you know if you need to add insulation to prevent wasted energy (and money) in your new home. 8) Prepare to move! Schedule movers, donate the unwanted stuff, pack the keepers, and enjoy your new home! Further reading: Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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