How to De-Allergen Your Home

Tuesday December 1, 2020

How to De-Allergen Your Home
How to De-Allergen Your Home

Are your allergies flaring up? Here’s the bad news: it could be your home. That’s right. The majority of our allergies don’t stem from the outdoors. They stem from where we spend the majority of our time eating and sleeping! So if you track allergens into your home and don’t clean, you’re in for some serious suffering. Here are a few tips for preventing allergens in your home: Vacuum regularly. Carpets are like allergen sponges. Studies show that the majority of our allergens enter our home through the bottoms of our shoes. It’s important to vacuum carpets regularly, possibly once per week. But sometimes vacuuming just can’t get all of these irritants out of carpet. You may have to deep clean the carpet yourself or hire professional carpet cleaners. Schedule a home inspection. Mold is a huge source of allergies and can easily form in our bathrooms and kitchens where surfaces can get wet. While some mold can be removed with bleach solution, mold can also form deep within the structures of our homes’ walls. So, if your allergies persist after you clean your surfaces, you may want to get a home inspector to confirm the status of mold in your home. Avoid products with fragrances. Air fresheners, candles, and scented cleaning products smell nice, but fragrance is an extremely common irritant that could be the cause of your eyes watering. Opt for unscented cleaning products and see if you notice an improvement. Keep your surfaces clean and dry. Damp surfaces are hotbeds for mold. Both germs and dust mites thrive in these environments, so if you’ve got a damp area in your home, it’s double whammy. Take extra care of your kitchens and bathrooms where water is frequently used. Hire professional cleaners. Professionals can clean your carpets, furniture, and electronics more intensely than you may do on your own. Sensitive individuals should communicate their allergies to these professionals and look into what ingredients they use in their products. Call pest control. Creepy crawlies could be causing your allergies in their waste and in what they track in your home. Rats and cockroaches in particular can cause serious flare-ups. And who wants these pests in our house anyway? We hope these tips help you with those pesky allergies! Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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