4 Fun Facts about Veterans Day

Wednesday November 11, 2020

4 Fun Facts about Veterans Day
4 Fun Facts about Veterans Day

It's fun to celebrate Veterans Day, but did you know these facts? 1) You're not suppose to put an apostrophe. Many people mistake Veterans Day for "Veteran's Day" or "Veterans' Day," but this is incorrect! No one "possesses" this day; rather, it is to celebrate all veterans throughout history. 2) Veterans Day is Not Memorial Day. Memorial Day is observed to honor veterans who have lost their lives for our country. Veterans Day honors all veterans, whether they served in war or peace, and whether they are dead or alive. 3) Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day. Months before the Treaty of Versailles was signed to officially end World War I, an armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany, and the fighting was ended. This was on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. People considered this day, Armistice Day, the event that ended “the war to end all wars” and a holiday to celebrate the veterans who served in WWI. Obviously, wars have since gone on that the U.S. has participated in, so the name was changed to Veterans Day, and the holiday now celebrates veterans of any war. 4) Other countries observe Veterans Day. The U.S. is certainly not the only country to commemorate veterans. Canada and Australia, for instance, celebrate November 11th as “Remembrance Day.” Great Britain has a similar Remembrance Day close to this day, with parades and a two-minute moment of silence. Are you a veteran? You may qualify for a VA Loan! Check out our article for more information. Further reading: https://www.va.gov/opa/vetsday/vetdayhistory.asp https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/veterans-day-facts Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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