New Construction: Do You Need a Realtor?

Tuesday October 6, 2020

New Construction: Do You Need a Realtor?
New Construction: Do You Need a Realtor?

You’re ready to build your dream house. You have planned everything, down to the kitchen tiles. You have it all under control. So: do you need a realtor? Yes. Yes you do. Buying new construction is a whole different beast. From the process itself down to the documents you’ll need to sign, it’s almost impossible to have everything handled on your own. What’s more, new builds cost a great deal more than buying a resale home. So getting a professional to guide you through the process is not only invaluable but also imperative. How can a realtor help you with new construction? They will be your representative. Although your builder will likely hire a real estate agent to help you, this agent will be a seller’s agent. If you haven’t read our article on Buying New Construction, this means they will put the builder’s needs above yours. You need to hire an agent yourself to act as your advocate in the sale. Where a typical resale agent would guide you through the process of making an offer, an agent who specializes in new builds will make sure your needs are met with this custom home, from the beginning of construction to closing. This means that, for instance, if a builder pushes you to make an unnecessary upgrade, or recommends a lender that boosts your costs, or makes an unreasonable claim in your contract, your agent will point this out to you and point you in the right direction. They can act as a neutral third-party who can think practically rather than trying to push you into buying more for the sake of more cash for them. They will be your right-hand person. The home-buying process is tough enough without new construction. Thankfully, your agent can act as an assistant of sorts, keeping touch with the builder and taking care of small but important tasks if you’re too busy. But the great thing is this “assistant” has experience and gut instinct with exactly the kind of transaction you’re dealing with. They can fill communication gaps between you and the builder that can save the day and keep something from going terribly wrong. They will help you think long-term. We often get smitten by exorbitant upgrades, and builders are good at selling us on these and making them seem like absolute necessities. Your agent, however, knows that this house isn’t just for you. They will help your house satisfy not only you but also whoever you will resell it to. Everything from remodeling a room down to what tile to use on your counters has potential for a successful, or unsuccessful, resale. And a good agent will tell you what move will get you the most value in the long term. Further reading: Was this article helpful? Check these out:

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